1What is the origin of your products?
All of our products are produced in Ukraine. The production headquarters are located in the city of Uman, in the central part of the country, which is known for providing the best quality yield due to favorable climatic conditions. We buy products from local farms throughout the year.
2Are the prices on the website updated?
Prices on the website take into account fluctuations in prices on the world market, but they are informative. Depending on the desired quantities, we prepare a customized offer for each client. In case of larger orders or more favorable payment terms, an additional discount may be granted to the customer. For an offer, please contact us at bonnutsnl@gmail.com
3What is the minimum order quantity?
Minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 500 kg or one pallet. If the goods are collected by the buyer in our warehouse, we can also arrange for smaller orders.
4To which countries do you ship?
We are currently supplying products to more than 20 countries: most EU member states, San Marino, Switzerland, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and some Middle East countries: Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt etc. If your country is located elsewhere, please contact us and we will try to find the best solution.
5What are the delivery times?
The delivery time depends on the size of the order, the current stock and the country of the buyer. In case of small orders (up to 3t) and if the buyer is located in an European country, the goods will be delivered from the warehouse in Slovenia within a few days, approx. 3-7 business days. In case of larger orders shipped from Ukraine, the delivery time is maximum 3 weeks.
6Where are your warehouses located and is it possible to visit them?
We have a warehouse in Kozina (Slovenia) and the main warehouse in Uman (Ukraine), where the production is located. We will gladly arrange a tour of our warehouses as well as the production facilities. Please contact us to set an appointment for your visit: bonnutsnl@gmail.com
7What certificates and transport documentation can you provide?
Our products are always accompanied by all mandatory certificates, additional certificates can be provided. Certificates available: phytosanitary certificate, health certificate, ISO 9001, ISO 22000, statement on allergens, GMO statement, statement on the suitability of the packaging. We regularly perform laboratory analyses, which can be done also separately on buyer’s request. The customer receives - in addition to the invoice and packing list - also CMR and EUR.1 (certificate of origin).
8What is the shelf life of the products?
If kept unopened and in the appropriate storage conditions, i.e. as specified in the product specification (cold, dark and dry space), the shelf life is as follows: for walnuts, the shelf life is min. 12 months from the date of packing, for pumpkin seeds 18 months and for pumpkin seed kernels at least 12 months from the date of manufacture.
9How are your products packed? What are the quantities?
Walnuts are packed first in PVC bags and then in cardboard white boxes. Based on the dimension of walnut kernels (halves, quarters etc.), the net quantity per box is 10-13 kg of walnuts. In summer, we use MAP technology for packaging and storing at 6-8°C in refrigerated warehouse to preserve the quality of walnuts even in warmer months. Pumpkin kernels and GWS seeds are packed in 25kg three-layer cardboard bags, while all pumpkin seeds in shell come in 25kg PP bags. Walnut and pumpkin oil is stored in plastic 10L bottles or 200L barrels.
10Can the customer choose the type and size of the packaging?
Unfortunately, at the moment, we do not offer the option of choosing different packaging, than the ones regularly used in production.
11Which information are listed on the declaration and in what language? Can the declaration be adapted to the needs of the buyer?
Each package (box, bag) shall be accompanied by a declaration in English, containing the following information: product name, crop, date of production and LOT, best before date and net weight. Of course, we can also make a declaration at the customer's request: add other information, translate into the selected language, etc.
12Can we get a sample of your products?
Of course. To order samples, please contact our sales department.